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This theme is lovingly designed by Simon from themosse.com for anyone looking for a simple, warm and crafty feeling site.  Whether you just want to add your site name to the top or heavily customise the design with background images and font and colour changes, this site will suit your needs.  Here is a little bit more information about the Theme Settings available to your in the administration area should you purchase the Stitchy Theme.

Theme settings

Site Title settings

The settings under "Site Title" refer to the logo/title area of the theme.  The text will be populated with whatever you choose your site to be named. Options include being able to change it's colour, the font, add your own logo image in place of the title text and/or hide the brown URL ribbon underneath the title.

General Settings

The settings under "General" refer to the general look of the content on the theme.  You can change the main heading and body font types here, and also the general colours of various elements across the theme including the headers, body font, the accent colours and buttons too.  If you have a lot of tags associated with your products, you can also choose to hide those tags from view and add a Show/Hide button in for the user.

Another specific thing worth noting here is that there is a 'Zoom images to fit space available by default' tickbox under Thumbnails. This option will look as below on the product thumbnails on the homepage, collections pages and the product pages themselves.  This setting is ticked/applied by default (on the right below).

Un-zoomed and zoomed thumbnail states:

Setting offSetting applied (default)

Page Background Settings

The settings under "Page Background" allow you to add extra customisation to your theme.  Simply leave the default image, or upload your own, position it centrally, left, right or tile it in the background.  If you want to keep it simple why not just try changing the background colour...or do both!

Homepage Settings

The settings under "Homepage" and "Homepage Carousel" control some specific features on the landing page of your theme. You can hide/show and personalise the main banner message on the landing page under "Homepage", or hide and show the carousel under "Homepage Carousel". Here, you can also add up to six specific images (recommended to be 940px wide by 300px tall) that will cycle through slowly, and also add links and short messages/titles to each of these images or a combination of both.

Social Links for website Settings

The settings under "Social Links for website" is where you can control 5 popular social media icons that appear to the top right of your Shopping basket on the website.  Here you can add links to your business/personal profiles on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest or Vimeo.

Social Links for products Settings

Finally, the settings under "Social Links for products" allows you to show or hide up to 3 "like" buttons next to each of the products on you theme.  This includes a Tweet button (tweeting the specific product URL the user is looking at), a Facebook Like button (liking the specific product URL the user is looking at) and a Google +1 button (apending a +1 rating to the specific product URL the user is looking at on Google Plus).

Hopefully these short bits of documentation give you an insite into how to use the Stitchy Theme, and I hope you choose it for your own crafty site :)